Beyond Limitations

Its common to question the meaning of obstacles that present one after the other and may feel overwhelming. Where do they come from ?

Obstacles are simply self-created limitations or challenges that you create for yourself to stretch into and engage more of your capacities so you grow. 

Consider 4 tips to move beyond limitations.

1. Shift from the ego to soul perspective.
Whatever your situation, ego judges everything through filters of fear. It sees problems and worries, and works toward a light at the end of the tunnel. Your psychological drama is mistaken for life. Soul recognizes the old must fall away to make room for the new. Soul sees no tunnel. If relationships fall apart, if you lose your job or if some environmental storm damages your property, Soul sees all of it as more of what you outgrow dissolving to reveal what you are not yet seeing clearly. Being able to see everything as it is and accept it as it is, is about accepting positive and negative views on everything. Its about creating detachment or distance from every event.

2. See beyond linear time.
A key hindrance lies in our idea of, and addiction to time, in our habit of anticipating a future in light of the past. If you focus on history and assume it must repeat, then your life process cannot grow. Every moment can feel fresh and new and be felt as a tremendous possibility. Today, what you are is not the point.  Seeing beyond linear time is creating this moment as a privilege. You are worthy of being given a choice about how you live. Exercise the privilege consciously. 

3. Stop talking about more than one version of you.
Some voice within you echoes you could do better, be better or find a situation better suited to you. There cannot be two selves in one body. That is to say, there is no better or worse you, no more or less talented you. All kinds of states of mind and dreams present and you choose which to identify with.  How you see yourself is what manifests in your experience. How much you love yourself or fear success and true greatness affects what appears in your experience. The witness creates the person and thinks itself separate from it.  The witness sees that the person appears in consciousness.  

4. Evolve into your humanity.
Each person can have something different going on in the mind. You must be able to switch off the made up world to see another reality. If you can identify what is real and what is made up, this is a spiritual process, a deeper understanding of who you are. You can choose love, misery, issues, its up to you. Choose consciously the nature of your experience. Being in a state of compulsive reaction is a backward step in evolution. Being conscious is what distinguishes you as a human being and allows a sense of inclusiveness to resonate and shape your existence.

Be Your Own Hero

A hero is without shape and beyond time; the human need for heroes transcends all cultures.

What makes a hero unforgettable is not their strength but rather their will. We admire their ability to transcend defeat and persevere. When we watch them we temporarily become them. We live vicariously through them. This is the lure of sports — an average person can experience the glory of the players.

What makes a hero so undefeatable ? What makes him or her stand up after being knocked down a hundred times ? The answer is simple. A hero lies within us all, at any given moment we can all become are own personal hero. Not just any hero, but one that involves a deeply personal path that the individual walks alone. 

Achieve Positive Change

Whatever your vision, the process of getting to experience it is well underway. At this point, you may temporarily sense a gap between the vision and its manifestation. Ponder 6 Tips to achieve positive change (and see everything from a more balanced and integrated perspective)

1.Accept you have what it takes.
Encouraging self-talk is powerful yet it only takes you so far. Stories about other people offer solace but are not themselves a solution. Shift from believing something is possible to knowing and feeling its already here. You are not allowed to have the dream if you do not have ability to create it. Be aware everything is accessible via resourcefulness and ingenuity. You may need to learn or unlearn something or collaborate. What is required is fearlessness and creative vision. Rest assured, any dream can take shape for you. The what comes before the how. Details of the unfolding and the physical timeline are up to you.

2.See beyond the obstacles.
Never ask why something is happening to you. Always ask how you can reframe and transcend within your present level of experience. You may currently only know what is happening through the five senses. Sense organs only know things in terms of comparison which creates distortion. This is not perception, and is not sufficient to know the issue as it is. What you perceive directly, viscerally is what you know. The rest is your imagination.

3.Trust your vibes.
Your feelings guide you to do things that are not understood by the logical and rational mind. Allow feelings to guide you. If you feel restless in an environment or no longer feel good eating certain things, find the courage to change your environment and what you are eating. You'll find that making changes in one area of your life trickles over to promote changes in other areas. This is about being consistent and true to yourself on all levels.  

4. Pay attention to how you are conducting yourself.
Happiness or misery may seem to be arising within you. You not have to give anyone else the privilege of triggering emotions or deciding for you how you will interpret incoming energy available to you. If you give your power away, reclaim this power. You decide how to perceive and respond to everything. 

5.See value in negativity.
Frustration, impatience and tension are all subtle forms of anger.This is very powerful energy which can be harnessed and rechannelled in creative and productive directions. the choice of how to recognize, and direct energy that is constantly flowing through and around you, is completely up to you. Decide to see it as inspiring, motivating, a stepping stone to realizing more of your true greatness.  

6.Recognize your mortality.
If the longing for salvation (to know the truth) is genuine, and you are constantly conscious of your mortality, you only do what truly matters to you. You do not waste a moment doing anything else. 

The Ideal Life

You may not yet consciously know why you do all the things you do, but you are growing more aware of underlying motivations than ever before. You nurture a vision of the ideal life, but your mind wonders how to translate an idea into physical experience in a practical way in real time.

Whether or not you consciously realize it, all you need arises with perfect timing. It can be no other way. The question is, can you clarify the nature of your ideal life? What does it require for you to see and also to overcome self-created obstacles ? Do you readily invest in mentors and avenues to expand your perception and deepen self-understanding ?

Notice you feel inclined to shift your focus of attention and priorities because insights are coming to you from your future. This is about being aware of what it takes to unleash more of your untapped potential, allowing more of your emerging reason for being to reveal itself.

So, you encounter people and situations that invite you to pay closer attention to what you doubt within yourself. You can sense what feels right and what you outgrow. To act on your intuition requires curiosity and courage. Consider 5 tips to create the ideal life.

1. Fearlessly feel the way.
More people are thinking for themselves than ever before. More people are thinking about and doing physical (external) yoga than ever before. Though other dimensions of yoga are not yet in the wider public domain, more people are curious about ancient yoga practice and meditation is growing more common. More than ever, people are paying attention to what they can do within themselves. This shows more people are willing to step into the unknown. Fearlessness arises as you explore reasons for your fear, and prove to yourself what is unfounded and move beyond it.

2. Balance inner and outer well-being. 
People are beginning to look at balancing inner and outer well-being as a connected science. You have to stop looking at what goes on inside as separate from the outside. Inner attitude creates all outer experience. Without individuals being well (balanced), there can be no well-being for a country or for the world. Well-being comes from self-understanding, life endeavours that reinforce this understanding and commitment.

3. Be aware of sacred geometry.
Planet Earth is not tied to the sun with a physical cable. It is a geometric perfection. Perfection of geometry holds physical forms in space. The entire practice of yoga (and meditation) is about activating your systems to align with geometric perfection. Your food choices, other habits and inclinations are always pointing to the state of your energy systems. The more balanced and authentic you feel, the more sacred geometry you notice in nature, the more revelations arise within you beyond words.

4. Live in an inclusive way.
The human tendency is to view things in parts. Its why people look at each other as separate individuals, with separate limbs and organs.  People also separate their state of physical health from the state of the economy, the nation, the environment, the ocean, ect. To live in an inclusive way is to respect and care for everything as if it is interconnected and to understand that we share the same air, water, forests, ecosystems and all perceived separation is illusion.  

 5. Shift focus from belief to seeking.
To cling to beliefs is to be in a state of opposition and fear. When beliefs are imposed, a person has the choice to submit or fight back. When you are seeking, you do not cling to ideas or impose them. You grow more accepting and tolerant of diversity, levels of awareness and live by the view of do no harm, live and let live. A sense of interconnectedness arises and an ideal life is based on activities grounded in compassion.

A Whole New Level

If you do not feel motivated or inspired, your spirit is sick. You have not yet discovered what is huge for you, what can shift awareness and more. To transform like never before, ponder 9 tips to reach a whole new level.

1. Establish goals.
You have to have goals to have direction, momentum and measurables to have accountability. The things that are outside your comfort zone are the things that achieve your success. If achieving goals was easy, everyone would reach them easily. 

2. Get over your childhood wounds.
You may live in hopelessness, victimhood, fear. You may be used to blaming your past for your present. This is the moment to get over this mental hurdle and get on with what you exist to do.  

3. Deprogram the programming.
People are programmed to hesitate, doubt, talk themselves out of doing what feels right, what would propel them forward. Those who are successful are willing to be embarrassed, rejected, to look foolish.  

4. Most rules are made to be broken
Be willing to ask for what you want. Pull all the stops.  

5.  Know everything is possible.
Most people do not choose to focus intently on what they want because they think it is not possible. Be willing to do whatever it takes. Trust. Act. Stay up later. Get up earlier. Talk and act as if. To experience massive success in the material world requires courage to set the bar high and be unafraid to get over it.  

6.  Tune into whatever brings you the greatest joy.
If everyone did the thing they are designed to do, then everyone would be happy, the world would be in harmony. This is about trusting yourself. The best advice is to focus on what makes you feel most alive.

7.  Meditate.
In silence, recognizing what feels good, that is, tuning into your feedback system, you give yourself pointers about what feels best to you.

8.  Know the world is plotting to do you good.
Challenges arise because the universe wants to test you, wants you to earn the reward you crave like the carrot dangling at a distance the end of the fishing line. How committed are you? Knowing adversity makes you more human, more believable to your audiences and clients.

9.  Focus on Impact & Legacy.
Changing the world or making a difference can bring money. Action without awareness is not enough. Impact in the world that matters requires momentum. We need to take action. Create on-line podcasts, on-line training programs, teach, do speaking engagements, explore uses of evolving technologies. Experiences teach better than concepts.


Practicing silence is the essential first step to walk the path of Peace. Create silence in your life every day, even for a few minutes. Sit quietly without any disturbances — no phones, no screens, no distractions. Create a space where you invite your soul to speak, and you can listen deeply to your own Self.

Start looking at each area of your life: people, possessions, projects, pastimes, places, and see where you’re feeling out of control. Start paring back anything that doesn’t seem in line with how you want to live your life.

Or dance, paint, write or whatever else gets your creativity flowing. Let it flow. Let your Soul be expressed.

Sunsets, stars and sunrises have a way of re-setting your perspective of life. The more time you spend in nature, the more you come in alignment with life itself. Get outside and go for a walk.

Following your joy is the easiest path to the 3-P’s of Peace, Presence, and Purpose. Think about what makes you smile, what makes you come alive, what makes you laugh with abandon. And do more and more of those!

Everyone needs a little sanctuary; a small sacred space to call your own and be alone, where there are no judgments or reservations. Create a space for yourself where you can take refuge every day, or regularly.

Slow Down
In this modern age of speed, the antidote to anxiety is slowing down. Slowing down reduces your stress levels, lets you look around and enjoy life’s little pleasures, and gets you closer to the present moment.

Whenever you catch yourself speeding, multitasking, eating fast, or zoning out, make it a practice to slowww down.

Synchronicity is more a sign than a practice, however, it is a sign from the Universe to show that you’re practicing the right things. We are always guided through our next step — we just need to be open, and follow those guiding signs.

“Surrender” is not a welcome word because it brings up a sense of giving-up control. True surrendering doesn’t mean denying your reality, but accepting and confronting it, however negative it may be. Surrendering brings you in-tune with a wisdom greater than yourself, and allows for great transformation.

Less Is More

How much does it take to be happy ? And how much is too much ?

Money, houses, cars, TVs, phones, computers, video games, stereo systems, furniture, clothes, shoes, food, sex, sleep, drugs, and more – there’s no end to the amount of things we can want and desire.

Of course, we can’t live a life without an experience of desire. We see something, we want to experience it, so we take the necessary steps to fulfill that craving. We all have needs and wants, and one part of happiness is satisfying these needs and wants.

But anything in life we can become too addicted and too attached to. To the point where we don’t just want it, but we think we need it to be happy.

There’s a very simple rule to happiness: the more you need to be happy, the more work it takes to fulfill that happiness. Often becoming more happy is just as much about letting go of certain desires, as it is about fulfilling them.

We can’t forget that there’s more to happiness than just maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. We have to also keep in mind the “bigger picture” of our lives – our relationships, work, and personal goals. These are what provide our lives with a deeper meaning.

We need to balance our desires, but that balance is going to be different for everyone. Each individual is going to vary in both what they desire and how many desires they want to fulfill overall.

While some people may be happy living a modest life with little luxury and pleasure, others may strive for more. Everyone has different values and preferences in life, so it’s important to discover what matters to you most.

Remember, having wants and desires isn’t a bad thing – in many ways, it’s a part of life – just try to be careful not to let your wants get in the way of your happiness. This is especially true if your wants are excessive, unhealthy, or unrealistic.

At the end of the day, the more you desire the more you’re going to need to work for it. But if that’s something you really want, then it may be worth the striving. That’s your choice.

While giving up on one of your desires, try focusing more on the simple pleasures in life.

We often don’t need to do anything extravagant to be happy – instead, happiness is often about finding joy in the little things – like walking your dog, or watching a sunset, or having a nice conversation with someone.

The more happiness you can find in the everyday things, the less desires you’ll feel the need to fulfill, there for, less is more !